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Frame It Easy (Simple Framing at Home)

This framing source is going on my list of all-time favorite products. Compared with frames from craft stores (so tricky to hang) and ebay (which usually arrive as frame only, and you have to hunt down the mat, glass, and wire, and figure out a way to attach it all together) - well, Frame is Easy is totally breezy.

And the frame options are beautiful. This is the Gray Oak (mdf) wood frame. It's lightweight, pretty and is perfectly crafted.

The gray wood looks perfect with the warm woods, grays and cool blues in this lovely lake house. It's also a nice contrast to the art, which is a handmade textile made by my client's grandmother. The only piece I had to buy was the silvery acid-free mat behind the textile.

Here is how the frame arrives: you are set up for success with mat, bumpers, wire clamps already in place and the wire hanger perfectly installed.

A view of the room, with the Frame it Easy art finishing this corner beautifully.

It's easy, quick and the best result in framing that I've ever experienced.

You can find @frameiteasy on Instagram, or here.

Receive 10% off any order till August 18, 2018, with code MEADOWFARMHOUSE18

(This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own).


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